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We will help you design and develop an amazing website and boost your SEO and SERP.

Jar Web Applications

Who we are...

Welcome to Jar Web Applications (known as JARWA). We are a web design company in Cape Town, South Africa that specialises in web designing and development. We design fully functioning, mobile-friendly websites for small and medium businesses. Whatever your web design needs are, we can help you reach the next level. We go above and beyond to add value to your business.

Jar Web Applications is your go-to source for web design from scratch or for giving your existing site a modern look. The goal of our designs is to provide a fabulous digital experience by using the latest technologies.

Our team of professional web designers can help you take your website to a whole new level and improve your google presence and SEO. 

Experience & Passion

Why you should Choose Us...

We love what we do. We do not just want to build you a website but, we also want to set you up for success. Our aim is to make sure the end result puts a smile on our clients’ faces. Using the tools we have at our disposal, and the experience we have, we can plan, deliver, and execute a successful design on time and within budget.

Our Web Design Process
Steps to Success...

Our expert web designers aim to create a pleasing site design that reflects the essence of your brand and is tailored to suit your needs. The only way to achieve that is by carefully planning your site design.


We start by learning more about your business, your goals and requirements before deciding on the best approach.

Planning Process

After research, we will sketch up a plan. We will create a structured design plan/ proposal for your new or existing website with transparent prices.

Let The Work Begin

It's time to bring the design plan to life. We will fully design you a website that suits your business or personal needs.


Before we make your website live we will check if everything is working fine. We check all links, if there are any glitches, Readability and SEO Analysis.

Live Website

Website Done. Test Done. SEO principles done. Now....your New website is ready for launching! After you are completely satisfied with all aspects of your website, we will make it live.

Our Mission

Creating User-friendly WebSites

Super easy to navigate and read and is optimised to work on all devices

Targeted Communities

Our responsive and professional website designs speak directly to your targeted customers.


Rank higher in Google's Search results (SERP) by improving your Search Engine Optimization {SEO}

magnetic proof

Watch your website views increase and your sales revenue improve like never before!

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We will help you move your business forward with our trusted web designing services. Contact Us for a quote.